The couple has installed this beautiful green backdrop for their sweet heart table. It matched perfectly with their organic looking white and green centerpieces, composed of white hydrangeas, baby’s breath, blue thistles, Queen Anne’s lace, limonium and eucalyptus.

This is an unique natural looking maid of honour’s bouquet. The theme colors were white and blue. The bride and I have decided to use white roses, carnations and Queen Anne’s laces, decorated with blue thistles, limonium and eucalyptus.

The couple had a late Spring wedding, which was perfect because the bride loves peonies. She wanted a natural looking bouquet with mostly white and a dash of blue. We decided to use white peonies, roses and dendrobiums; accentuated with some thistles, limonium and eucalyptus.

The couple had an outdoor tent wedding. The bride wanted to have these natural looking centerpieces made with hydrangeas and baby’s breath to match the outdoor theme. We decided to add a splash of blue thistles to match the royal blue dresses of the bridesmaids.

This is an out of province couple. They chose to have an intimate wedding au Pied de Cochon in Mirabel. The bride wanted to have a natural looking bouquet with only white and green. She also loved the idea of including succulents. Together we have decided to make the bouquetRead More …

The bride’s color theme was white and purple. She loves oriental lilies and the volume of the hydrangeas. For the sweet heart table centerpiece, we have decided to use white lilies, purple hydrangeas, lavender roses and calla lilies. Definitely love this glamorous head table centerpiece!

The bride loves peonies and she wanted the bridal bouquet to be white and blush. She didn’t want the traditional perfectly round bouquet. We have decided to use white peonies and blush roses, accentuated with pink astilbes and white double stocks.

This couple is musical lovers. They held their wedding at a cabaret. The bride wanted a natural cascading bouquet. She would also liked to have unique flowers for her burgundy bouquet. Together we have decided to use succulents, proteas, cymbidium orchids and eucalyptus for this rustic bouquet. Needless to say,Read More …

I have personally known this bride for many years. She likes things that are simple and I would say not too girlish. They were having an intimate wedding in their huge backyard. She told me her dress would be blue and hence would love to have a blue bouquet whichRead More …