Information Needed for a Price Quote

Brides often send me email asking for a price quote, and that’s it.  They don’t tell me any other information.  If I give them a price quote at this point, it’s basically just giving them a random number.  Here are a few things that I typically ask my brides for more information.


The color theme of your wedding, at least the color you are going for your flower arrangements.  Not all flowers come in all colors, so it would be useful for us to know your color.


Tell us which flowers you like or dislike.  it will give us an idea to choose from the hundreds of flowers.  If you have no idea which flower is which, just send us a few pictures that you have found online that you like, we will be able to help you then.


Some couples need very little for a wedding, but some want flowers everywhere.  It would be great to tell us what type of arrangements you are looking for.

  • Bridal bouquet: I guess this one is quite mandatory, but you could tell us what style you are looking for, pictures always help.
  • Maids’ bouquet:  Not all brides order a bouquet for the maid of honor or bridesmaids. Some decide to do a simpler version and just order a wrist corsage.  Let us know if you need any and how many.  Do you want their bouquet to be the same color, same flowers, etc?
  • Groom’s boutonniere: I thought this one was mandatory too, but some bride swears the groom does not want a boutonniere.
  • Mens’ boutonniere: Again, please let us know if the groomsman or bestmen need any boutonniere and how many they are.
  • Parents’ boutonniere: This would be for the direct parents, or grandparents, or even uncles and aunts.  Every culture and family is different on this.
  • Centerpieces: This is where the quote number gets bigger.  We will need to know the type of centerpieces you are going for, short one, tall one, simple one, etc? Again, pictures would help.  Also, would your headtable centerpieces be the same?
  • Aisle decorations: Some couples would like to put some simple flower arrangements for the aisle of the ceremony.  Tell us know what style you are going for and how many do you estimate.
  • Cake decorations: Some pastry chefs use fresh flowers to decorate the wedding cake.  You could tell us if you want to order extra flowers for your cake.  We could decorate for you or just give you the flowers for the chefs.
  • Flower girl or ring bearer: Do any of these cute kids need a small boutonniere or hair pin or crown?
  • etc


It helps if you tell us your budget. It is not used to maximize our income, it is used to understand if we could do everything your are asking for, and see which types of flowers we could order.

This is a short summary of what you can tell your florist when you are asking for a price quote.  When we ask you all these, we don’t mean to scare you, but we really need to know what you are looking for first. =)


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